Clayton Care was established in March 2010 by its managing director Michael Clayton. The company provides specialised 1:1 support for children and adults with additional support needs (ASN). The company is built on three primary core care elements, these are quality, consistency and equality.

Since starting in 2010 the company has grown in both its size and the range of its services. Clayton Care now provides support for individuals with ASN in a variety of different settings. These include supported living, respite and holidays, education, socialisation, attending events and working towards independence.

The company was created with the aim of changing how care and support is delivered to those in need of services in the community. The need for such a change to the current system was recognised through ‘on the ground’ experience of the managing director who has previously worked as a learning disability nurse at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and then at The Royal Blind School.

The primary focus on this was to write and deliver bespoke and tailor-made support packages to individuals promoting independence and choice whilst identifying clear personalised goals and targets for them to achieve. Since 2010 Clayton Care has supported a number of individuals to secure and live in their own tenancies, supported individuals in the work place, complete college courses and visit places of interest to them on respite and short breaks.

Our vision for the future of the company is to continue to expand our independent living model which is also based on our three primary core care elements whilst raising the standards of support in this sector and continue to bring about change for a more positive and brighter future for all our service users and their families.

Over the course of the last eight years we have successfully supported families and individuals in so many ways and take exceptional pride in what we have and will continue to do.

We are excited and optimistic about our future, and more importantly, for all those whom we support.

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